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Our customs clearance services are available from all ports and gateways in Nigeria.

We offer cargo tracking services which would help you keep track of your goods to facilitate prompt clearance and unnecessary delays.
We take swift action. Upon receipt of all relevant documents we can clear your goods without delay.
We also assist our clients in preparing documents related to import and export, and make sure your cargo is cleared from the moment it arrives, avoiding demurrage and saving you time and money.
Our specialist agents are available via various communication links 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide Break-Bulk and Onward Shipment services across Nigeria.

We provide warehousing facilities to cater for your imports if you so wish in order to avoid demurrage.

We educate you on Certain Special Relieves that you can access from Nigerian Customs to make it easy and stress free in the handling of your import clearance; this will be of benefit to you to avoid the bureaucracies importers go through.

We also make available special packages such as pre-financing of all import clearance for our trusted clients; you may have to call on us to make special arrangements for this service if needed.

We will maintain Constant Link (Communication) with you on all documentary process pertaining to all your imports.


We offer standard and bespoke options tailored to suit individual company and budget requirements.

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