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In agri-business, MASVI has played a pioneering role in promoting projects that leads to better utilization of local resources and foster food sufficiency."
Countries like Nigeria have all the necessary resources including fertile land, monsoons and people to be able to achieve total self sufficiency in rice and other staple products. However, a majority of such requirements are imported, utilizing valuable foreign exchange and be exposed to the vagaries of international commodity pricing.
MASVI is also planing to established a world-class rice mills at strategic locations, to promote milling locally. This initiative is expected to provide the necessary motivation for increased local production. MASVI also plans in the future to engage in corporate farming, using most recent technologies.
Agricultural Equipment & Supplies
We offer a vast range of farming equipment and supplies as brand new or used.
We supply most major brands as well as basic entry-level materials. We can supply in bulk or single-packs.

Our Product Range Include:
Tractors (major brands like John Deere, Massey-Ferguson as well entry-level brands)
Irrigation Equipment (Pivot, Pipes)
Farm Equipment (Ploughs, Harrows)
Water Pump (Diesel, Petrol & Electrical)
Replacement / Spare Parts (Generators, Vehicles, Trucks & Equipment)

Please contact us for more information or details on our products. Please note that our products can be customized to meet customer & project requirements.

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