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Local Customs Clearance
Masvi and Sons Nig Ltd undertakes Clearing and Forwarding Service- we do not rely on third parties, staff clears all cargo. We handle clearance of all cargo via Air or Sea - FCL, LCL, Break-bulk and Vehicles.


Customs Brokerage Services

1.Arranging processing of all Import documents, namely; Form M, Insurance Certificate, Pre-Arrival Assessment Report ( PAR) etc

2.Collection of documents from the Airlines, Airline agent or ships agent and payments of necessary handling charges and documentation fees on behalf of the company.

3.Preparation of Customs Bill of Entry, payment schedule and other related documents.

4.Payment of Customs Duty and related charges to the Government designated Bank based on the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report ( PAR )

5.Processing of Customs Bill of Entry, etc through the Nigeria Customs Services Processing Unit. CPC

6.Positioning of shipment for Physical Examination and release by the Nigerian Customs Services.

7.Processing of documents through Ship Agents or Airlines Agents and obtaining Authorization to load cargos after payment of handling, rental and storage charges.

8.Arranging to load shipments on truck or transfer to bonded areas, whichever is applicable.

9.Delivery of shipment to Company's premises, Warehouse or any other designated delivery point.

10.Arrangement for offloading shipment at any point of delivery.

11.Providing the Company with all documentation confirming payment of Customs Duty, where applicable and release of shipment by Government Authorized Agencies along with copies of delivery waybill.

12.Liaising with all Government agencies and keeping the Company advised on all current regulations regarding Imports into and Exports out of Nigeria to ensure compliance.

13.In the event of Cargo received discrepancies or short landed, applying and obtaining all relevant documentation for processing a claim through the insurance Company.

14.In the event of any refunds becoming due to the company, to make the necessary application and follow-up to a fruitful conclusion.


Procedure for Pre-Shipment Inspection:

If inspection is carried out under Masvi and Sons Nig Ltd Form M, it is mandatory for us to arrange duty payment, collection of original RAR, Customs clearance. MASVI/Shipper arranges Pre-shipment Inspection at Origin point based on Form M details. Duration is 3-7 days.
MASVI Processes Import Documents, namely form M, Insurance Certificate. PAR (Pre-Arrival Assessment Report)
Inspection Agent either approves or disapproves the inspection as the case may be.



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